My guidance – Your efforts.

Suffering from some kind of physical pain? Feeling that the pain exhausts you and makes your whole day like torture? Tired of trying to figure out which information on the internet could help you? I’ve designed a budget option for all the people I can’t address personally.

The 3D model helps people identify which part of the body hurts and find exact videos with my guidance for solving the cause.

The information is precisely selected by the professional

No rush, repeat videos till you understand everything

The content is being constantly complemented and updated

Possibility to choose between different types of memberships


“Skip skipping –
Not your workouts.”

During 2020 the demand for online training has peaked. In the beginning, people were quite skeptical about this type of training. But as a human species, we must evolve!

I’m amazed that after a while I didn’t feel any difference between an online capability and person-to-person. I and my clients even find out that online training has its benefits:

 Covid-19 is not a threat nor an excuse for stopped training.
 Traffic is not important anymore.
 Workouts can be done anywhere in the world at any time.
 No need to pay a gym membership fee.
 The perfect option for people who travel a lot.
 Unlimited access to any coach worldwide.


“Finding the right answer begins with the right question.”

Why do I need to pay someone if I can do it myself? Imagine you want to build a house and you have thousands of different options for materials to choose from.

Material prices range from A to Z, but you don’t want to overpay.
You find a specialist which finds you the best deal between price and quality. Not everything that is expensive is good quality and to make sure we need specialists within that niche!

Physical pain
Posture testing
Healthier overall lifestyle
Nutrition recommendations


Free and instructive.

Last but not least my YouTube channel for what your health needs. It’s a place where I share my thoughts and recommendations for a healthy and productive lifestyle. Check it out for free!

100% free
Constantly updated content
Unlimited accessibility
Possibility for free Q&A

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